Korea's Clean Hydrogen Certification Scheme
Dr. Hye Jin Lee
Current Status of Catalyst for Green Ammonia Synthesis
Prof. Hideo Hosono
Tokyo Institute of Technology and National Institute for Materials Science
Progress on electrochemical nitrogen reduction to ammonia
Prof. Douglas MacFarlane
Professor, Monash University
Recent Advances in LowPressure and Low-Temperature Synthesis of Green Ammonia
Dr. Hyung Chul Yoon
Chief, KIER
Development Status of NH3 Cracking Technology in KIER
Dr. Kee Young Koo
Principal Researcher, KIER
State of the art catalysts tackling energy transition through green ammonia synthesis & cracking
Mr. Hirokazu Kitagawa
Business Development Manager, Clariant
Highly Efficient Ammonia Cracking as Hydrogen Supply for De-Centralized and Mobile Applications
Dr. Gunther Kolb
Head of Division Energy, Fraunhofer Institute of Microengineering and Microsystems
Fundamental developments in ammonia combustion for practical applications
Prof. Mani Sarathy
Professor, KAUST
Pulverized coal-ammonia co-firing power plant demonstration plan and combustion characteristics
Dr. Hookyung Lee
Senior Researcher, KIER
Development for coal-ammonia co-firing technology in a circulating fluidized bed
Dr. Tae-Young Mun
Principal Researcher, KIER
Current R&D status on direct ammonia SOFC in KIER
Dr. Seung-Bok Lee
Principal Researcher, KIER