State of the art catalysts tackling energy transition through green ammonia synthesis & cracking

Mr. Hirokazu Kitagawa

Business Development Manager, Clariant


In this presentation, we showcase the performance of our Ammonia cracking - catalysts. We highlight the importance of testing under realistic conditions, e.g. high-pressure around 20 – 40 bars applying anhydrous Ammonia with a water content in the range of 2000 – 5000 ppm. It also illustrate the characteristics of our Ni- and Ru-catalysts performance at high pressure. Moreover, we demonstrate how the HyProGen® DCARB series can fulfill a unique role by combining high activity with high-temperature stability, which can enhance not only the expected lifetime but also the conversion in an ammonia cracking system. For ammonia synthesis, wuestite based AmoMax®10 changed the game. Next generation AmoMax®10Plus shows an increased activity combined with superior resistance against poisons.

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