Development Status of NH3 Cracking Technology in KIER

Dr. Kee Young Koo

Principal Researcher, KIER


Ammonia is regarded as the most economical and efficient hydrogen carrier for mass storage and transportation of clean hydrogen from overseas. Thus, ammonia cracking technology is required to produce hydrogen from clean ammonia introduced into the country. Ammonia is decomposed only to harmless nitrogen and hydrogen, and can be used directly as a burner fuel to produce carbon-free hydrogen, making it a valuable and eco-friendly energy source for realizing carbon neutrality. The configuration of the ammonia cracking process can vary depending on the hydrogen purity required by the end-user. In this presentation, we would like to introduce the current development status of the ammonia cracker and catalysts by KIER (Korea Institute of Energy Research) for the production of high-purity hydrogen (H2 ≥ 99.97%), which is applicable to fuel cells and hydrogen refueling stations.

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